December 1, 2023

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Ham Operator Faces Fine for Disruptions to WARFA Net

A California man faces a possible $24,000 fine for allegedly playing recordings during an amateur radio net and not providing his call sign.

Philip Beaudet has been issued a notice of apparent liability by the Federal Communications Commission for “apparently willfully and repeatedly interfering with the radio communications of the Western Amateur Radio Friendship Association while it was attempting to hold a regularly scheduled net and for failing to provide station identification on amateur radio frequencies.”

Beaudet is licensee of N6PJB in Burney, Calif. A net is an on-air meeting of local amateurs.

The FCC said it received numerous complaints about Beaudet. It says that its agent went to Burney three times in late 2022 and in each case heard Beaudet playing recordings on 3.908 MHz that caused interference to the WARFA net while failing to provide his own call sign.

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