May 27, 2024

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US Senators Equipped with Satellite Phones Amid Speculations of a ‘Disruptive Event’

According to a report from CBS News, the government has begun issuing satellite phones to over 50 senators in preparation for a potential ‘disruptive event’. The news has ignited a wave of concern and speculation about the real reason behind the move, with some even suggesting the possibility of a false flag event being orchestrated.

While satellite phones were offered to all 100 senators, the CBS report says at least half of them have accepted the devices. Senators were told to keep these satellite phones within arm’s reach during their travels.

During testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senate Sergeant at Arms Karen Gibson claimed that the deployment of satellite communication is meant to establish a redundant and secure means of staying connected during a “disruptive event”. The phones are meant to ensure emergency communication channels remain intact if a crisis severely impacts the regular communication infrastructure.

Gibson also said the federal government would cover the costs associated with satellite airtime required to use the devices. The Department of Homeland Security has also issued an advisory highlighting the significance of satellite phones during man-made or natural disasters that cause widespread communication breakdowns.

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