February 24, 2024

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SPARK Makes Contact With The Rest Of The World From ‘Liberty Island’Read More: SPARK Makes Contact With The World From “Liberty Island” (Missouri)

The Sedalia Pettis County Amateur Radio Klub (SPARK) participated in “Islands On the Air” for two hours on Saturday on the island at Liberty Park.

HAM radio operators made contact with other HAMs around the world, using between 5 to 100 watts of power.

The event was designed to illustrate the versatility of HAM radio, and how useful it can be when all other forms of communication are down, due to tornadoes or other disasters.

SPARK member Scott Anderson was one of the HAMs participating in the event.

“Today we are doing one of my all-time favorite events, which is doing radio outside in a park. This happens to be an island at Liberty Park, but we’re at a park, nonetheless,” Anderson commented, referring to the program.

Read More: SPARK Makes Contact With The World From “Liberty Island”