December 1, 2023

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via the RSGB: High-altitude balloon launch

hi-impact, based on the Wirral, is planning another high-altitude balloon launch.

This one will feature on the team’s live-stream platform and be viewed by a number of schools across the UK and beyond.

The team is planning to launch two high-altitude balloons. One will be running with a HABDuino and the other with some help from AmbaSat, using LoRA. The HABDuino side will be running on the standard setup – 434.650MHz USB, 50 Baud RTTY, 450Hz Shift, 7N1 data format and with the callsign ‘hi-impact’.

If you’re planning to upload telemetry to SondeHub, you’ll need Dave Akerman’s HABBase software and Fldigi. The launch, from Cilcewydd in Wales, will be between 11 and 11.15am on Wednesday 3 May.

More information can be found on hi-impact’s Facebook page and on Twitter via @hiimpactconsult

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