November 29, 2023

This Week in Amateur Radio

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PODCAST: This Week in Amateur Radio Edition #1255

Release Date: March 18, 2023

Here is a summary of the news trending This Week in Amateur Radio. This week’s edition is anchored by Terry Saunders, N1KIN, Dave Wilson, WA2HOY, Bob Donlon, W3BOO, Will Rogers, K5WLR,
Don Hulick, K2ATJ, Eric Zittel, KD2RJX, George Bowen, W2XBS, and Jessica Bowen, KC2VWX.

Produced and edited by George Bowen, W2XBS.

Approximate Running Time: 1:59:13

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Trending headlines in this week’s bulletin service:

  1. U.S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Advances Five Satellite Related Bills
  2. The International Space Station Dodges Commercial Imaging Satellite
  3. The QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Returns Next Week
  4. Amateur Radio Emergency Service News Briefs
  5. A Brief History of Amateur Radio EmComm Organization
  6. Saint Patrick’s Day Radio Event
  7. Upcoming Tornado Season and Amateur Radio
  8. Volunteer Monitor Program Cautions against Operating Beyond License Privileges
  9. Rule Changes Announced for 2023 ARRL Field Day
  10. Dayton Amateur Radio Association Leader Ron Cramer, KD8ENJ, Silent Key
  11. QRP Basics – 3rd Edition Is Updated
  12. Remote DXpeditioning Is Tested During Two Year Adventure
  13. Severe Weather Striking Both Coasts Underscores Amateur Radios Vital Roles
  14. Amateurs Interested In The Millimeter Bands (Microwave) Prepare For An Upcoming Conference
  15. Quarter Century Wireless Association Officer Gary Kimball, WB2SER, Silent Key
  16. Four Astronauts From ISS Crew Five End Mission With A Successful Splashdown
  17. National Hamfest Is Cancelled For 2023 In The United Kingdom
  18. FCC: Radio Impacto in New York Faces $2.3 Million Pirate Radio Fine, Largest Ever
  19. Australian Amateurs Prepare For Special Event Called “Antennapalooza”
  20. Amateur-authored Book About World Science Day Launches
  21. Shortwave Broadcaster RUV In Iceland Shuts Down Transmitter – Drops Tower
  22. National Vietnam War Veteran’s Day Special Event has been announced
  23. Upcoming Hamfests, Contests and State/Regional Conventions
  24. ARDC gives a major grant to FreeDV who aims to bring open source HF digital voice into the mainstream
  25. RF Interference from low earth orbit satellites is threatening radio astronomy
  26. QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo to feature a presentation on Creating Your First Workbench
  27. Three new amateur radio astronauts, AKA Crew Six, arrive on board the International Space Station
  28. President Biden’s nominee to the FCC, decides not to pursue confirmation
  29. Vandals cut the guy wires to an emergency communications tower in Nebraska causing it to fall
  30. The addition of the FM mode to 11 meter transceivers brings all mode operations to Citizen Band

Plus these Special Features This Week:

  • Our technology reporter Leo Laporte, will talk about mobile apps that spy on you and the European General Data Protection Regulation and how effects the United States, Leo also takes a look at how we are now living in the world as predicted in the novel 1984.
  • Working Amateur Radio Satellites with Bruce Paige, KK5DO – AMSAT Satellite News
  • Tower Climbing and Antenna Safety w/Greg Stoddard KF9MP, will have some suggestions about what tools and items you should bring with you on your tower climb.
  • Foundations of Amateur Radio with Onno Benschop VK6FLAB, will answer the question, now that you have constructed a new antenna, either homebrew or commercial out of a box, what should you expect when antenna testing day rolls around? And, he will take a look at Acronyms in Amateur Radio. Like what is SHF or THF, Tremendously High Frequency. He will have the explanations.
  • Weekly Propagation Forecast from the ARRL
  • Bill Continelli, W2XOY – The History of Amateur Radio. Bill returns to begin his series, The Ancient Amateur Archives, this week, in a special extended edition, Bill takes a look at the 3rd ever radio conference that was held in Cairo in 1938. How did amateurs fare at this conference? And, Bill will give us an overview on what it was like to be an amateur in late 1930’s. And he will also take us back to the early 1940’s and looks at FCC General Order 72 restricting amateurs ability to contact foreign amateurs, as the government takes over a few of the ham bands for World War II

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