May 27, 2024

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NSF and ARDC Grants Support HamSCI Workshop

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded a nearly $50,000 grant to Nathaniel Frissell, Ph.D., assistant professor physics and electrical engineering at The University of Scranton, to support “The Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation (HamSCI) Workshop 2023.” He also received a grant of just over $25,000 from Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) to support the workshop. The HamSCI Workshop 2023 will take place Mar. 17 and 18 at The University of Scranton and the historic Radisson at Lackawanna Station.

“The HamSCI Workshop plays a unique and important role in the development of both the amateur radio community and the scientific workforce,” said Dr. Frissell, who noted there are more than 770,000 licensed ham radio operators in the U. S. and about 3 million worldwide. “Each year, the workshop brings together many young student researchers and experienced scientists, engineers and amateur radio operators in an environment where they can share ideas and learn from each other.”

The HamSCI is a collective of professional researchers and licensed amateur radio operators (a.k.a. hams) with the objective to foster collaborations between the amateur and professional communities for the purposes of advancing scientific research and understanding, encouraging the development of new technologies to support this research, and to provide educational opportunities for the amateur radio community and the general public.

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