March 26, 2023

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Three seconds of EAS audio tones could end up costing Fox $500,000

Despite being a well-known illegal sound that many film and television productions have been fined over, US media titan Fox stands accused of playing the Emergency Alert System attention tone to promote an NFL show on dozens of TV channels.

The Federal Communications Commission, which polices use of the sound to protect its integrity, now wants to fine the organization $504,000 – just as it did for Hollywood action film Olympus Has Fallen ($1.9 million, 2014) right down to Jimmy Kimmel Live ($395,000, 2019).

You see, even if it’s used for comedy, the FCC will fail to see the funny side. During the Cold War, the last time people genuinely feared that Russia could fire off world-ending nukes, the government devised a radio system to alert the entire country to disaster, man-made or otherwise.

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