April 23, 2021

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EMF: Ofcom propose new Amateur Radio licence conditions


Ofcom has ignored the advice of many highly-regarded organisations and are pressing ahead with unnecessary changes to licences that will impose a significant bureaucratic burden on licensees

Radio amateurs have been operating for over a century yet in all that time Ofcom is unable to cite a single health issue resulting from a station’s EMF. It is completely inexplicable as to why Ofcom would wish to impose these regulations on radio amateurs.

In the consultation document Ofcom says “penalties for breach of a spectrum licence can include an unlimited fine and/or prison sentence of up to 51 weeks in England and Wales (or 6 months in Scotland and Northern Ireland).”

Ofcom are now conducting a public consultation on the implementation of the new licence regulations which will apply to any licence that permits more than 10 watts EIRP, which is all amateur licences.

Read more – SARL: http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2020/october/emf-ofcom-propose-new-amateur-radio-licence-conditions.htm

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