February 1, 2023

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Stolen wind generator hurts amateur radio project (British Columbia)

The recent theft of an alternative energy source dampened the festive spirits of the Yellowhead Amateur Radio Association over the holidays.

Regardless, the organization’s members are trying to keep the momentum going on a major project that it affected.

The association’s wind generator was stolen sometime over the Christmas weekend, as reported in a letter to the editor that was published in the Hinton Voice on Jan. 12. The unit was mounted on a pickup truck that was used for the Knights of Columbus’s float in the Hinton Snowflake Parade on Dec. 9.

“It was to be used to supply green energy for the internet system for the Mountain Cree ‘Smallboy Camp’ which the KofC had taken on as a project to build. This was essentially the last nail in the coffin for this project,” wrote Eric Rosendahl, the Yellowhead Amateur Radio Association’s secretary-treasurer, as published in the letter.

“Furthermore, had our efforts to develop this green energy system proven successful, it was our intention to start up a local cottage industry, to supply these systems, and to employ local workers, not the least being residents from the Small Boy Camp.”

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