February 1, 2023

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Via AMSAT: CAMSAT XW-4 (CAS-10) Satellite To Be Deployed December 18th

The CAMSAT XW-4 (CAS-10) satellite was launched into the Chinese Space Station on November 12, 2022 aboard China’s Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft, and was launched by the Long March-7 Y6 launch vehicle from the Wenchang Launch Center in Hainan, China. It is currently planned that the XW-4 (CAS-10) satellite will be separated from the Chinese space station and enter operational orbit at 01:30 UTC on December 18, 2022.

Initial post-deployment TLEs :

XW-4 (CAS-10)
1 48274U 21035A   22349.57666509  .00020514  00000+0  25201-3 0  9994
2 48274  41.4739 194.5783 0004074 111.0935 347.0781 15.59787538 93120


XW-4 (CAS-10)

via AMSAThttps://www.amsat.org/camsat-xw-4-cas-10-satellite-to-be-deployed-december-18th/