September 23, 2023

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Via the RAC: Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN, appointed to Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame (CARHOF)

The Board of Trustees of the Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame is pleased to announce that Bryan Rawlings, VE3QN, has been inducted into the Hall.

Radio Amateurs of Canada honors deserving amateurs by inducting them into the Canadian Radio Amateur Hall of Fame. The Constitution of the Temple indicates that the attribution of this distinction aims to pay tribute to those who have distinguished themselves by “outstanding achievements and by the excellence of their activities, up to the highest level that it possible to achieve, within the framework of the services they have rendered with exemplary seriousness and constancy in promoting amateur radio in Canada, or amateur radio in general”.

The Trustees of the Temple have, according to their interpretation of the Constitution, considered that the person whose name appears above has rendered eminent service, for many years, in endeavoring to promote amateur radio.

Bryan Rawlings obtained his license in 1959, when he lived in Montreal, and was assigned the callsign VE2AME. Despite long periods of inactivity in the field of amateur radio during his stays abroad (Saudi Arabia, 1978-1988 and 1995-2001, and Russia, 1992-1993), Bryan again made himself heard on on the air since 2002, and now identifies himself as VE3QN from his Ottawa QTH.

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