May 27, 2024

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via the RSGB: Transatlantic Centenary Tests

The RSGB is hosting the Transatlantic Centenary Tests 2022 on the HF bands for the month of December 2022.

Unlike those of the 1920s, which consisted of one-way communication, this event will encourage worldwide two-way communication with UK and Crown Dependency stations.

There will be a series of awards available for making QSOs with those who are activating historic RSGB callsigns.

The Club Log team has kindly agreed to provide the supporting infrastructure for this.

The Society is looking for RSGB members to take part and make this historic event a success.

You can read more on page 54 of the December RadCom and be inspired by the RSGB Convention Transatlantic Test presentation on the RSGB YouTube channel.

To find out how to take part, go to

Read more – Radio Society of Great Britain – Main Site