June 18, 2024

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Southgate Blog editor Richard Brunton, G4TUT SK

[I received a notice that the RSS feed for Southgate was not working, then went to investigate, and Southgate’s web site was returning error 404 (site not found), I came across this article posted today that explained the reason. RIP Richard, and thanks for providing content and allowing us to relay your useful info for so many years. -GW]

The RSGB is sad to learn of the passing of Richard Brunton, G4TUT. For countless years, Richard was editor of the popular Southgate Amateur Radio News website. Every single day, he searched the world’s amateur radio and technology resources for stories of interest and published them.

Richard offered his platform inclusively, commissioning non-commercial podcasts and blogs to promote opinion alongside the conventional news items. He also compiled the ‘CQ Serenade’ weekly programme which was broadcast throughout Europe on Shortwaveradio.de and other public-facing media. Richard was an intensely private man who had no close family, but he reached thousands of friends daily through his website.

Amateur radio has lost a true communicator.

via RSGB: http://dlvr.it/SbsfmP