June 18, 2024

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via the RSGB: IARU President keynote at RSGB 2022 Convention

On 7 to 9 October 2022, the RSGB held its first hybrid Convention which had speakers, attendees and livestream-watchers from across the world.

The keynote presentation by IARU President Tim Ellam, VE6SH/G4HUA was very thought-provoking. In it he highlighted the threats to amateur radio as well as the importance of embracing modern techniques, whilst also being willing to adapt and change.

The Society has released on its YouTube channel a standalone recording of Tim’s presentation, combined with his interesting Convention Chat with the RSGB and IRTS Presidents.

The RSGB would like to thank everyone who gave a presentation, as well as those who attended the Convention, whether in person or online. It is also grateful to the RSGB General Manager and Convention Chair Steve Thomas, M1ACB and his hardworking Convention team who made this such a fantastic event.

Individual presentations will be released over the coming months, first on the RSGB website for its members and then on YouTube for everyone to see. The two livestreams have already had thousands of views—to see either of those, or to watch Tim’s keynote, go to the RSGB YouTube channel.