March 26, 2023

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via the RSGB: Celebrating 100 Years of the BBC

On the 18 October 1922, the Marconi Company and other equipment manufacturers formed the British Broadcasting Company, which became the British Broadcasting Corporation six years later.

To mark this momentous date exactly 100 years on, members of the BBC Amateur Radio Group have been invited by Arqiva to operate for the day at the Daventry transmitting station that was home to so much of BBC shortwave broadcasting over the years.

Members of the BBC and Arqiva clubs will be operating HF on Tuesday, 18 October 2022 from the Empire Service Building at the Daventry site.

As well as GB100BBC, the callsign G2LO will be on air.

2LO was the callsign allocated to the very first BBC transmitter, built by Marconi and located at Savoy Hill in London.

Keep an eye on the GB100BBC QRZ page for more information.

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