July 15, 2024

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over-the-horizon radar

Over-the-Horizon radar

Via Southgate: The OTHR noise on 10 Meters

The 10 meters band is opening for the last 10 days as the sunspots are above 100. I am sure you all are Dxing on 10. I am logging more than 100 stations per opening, but the noise of ‘Over The Horizon Radar’ is disturbing/ blocking the QSO’s.

The noise of OTHR is all from 28100 kHz to 29000 Khz. All the DXers around the world are worried about this noise. I request all the 10-meter Fans to report this to ARSI and request the ARSI to report it to the world organization so somehow, this noise creators will stop this on 10 meters. I know the military powers are doing this and they are least bothered about amateur radio, but what to do? We only can do what I mentioned above.

This was also the case during the 24 Solar Cycle, but now at the beginning of this 25 Cycle, the OTHR noise is just blocking QSOs on 10 meters. During the cold war years, there was noise known as “Woodpeckers” radars.

My recent contact on 10 meters——-
Sep 19, 2022 — 157. Sep 23, — 54. Sep 24 – 107. Sep 25 — 146.
Sep 26, — 26.

Regards, hoping 10 meters band will be without the OTHR noise soon. 73.

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