March 4, 2024

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Sable Island

Via Southgate: Sable Island CY0S DXpedition news

New dates March 20-29th, 2023

Murray, WA4DAN, CY0S DXpedition Team Leader), sent out the following update on September 1st [edited]:
“The 2023 team is very pleased to announce that DX Engineering is a major sponsor of the DXpedition. Many thanks to Tim/K3LR, Teri/K8MNJ and all the fine folks at DX Engineering for their most generous and overwhelming support for the CY0S DXpedition.

DX Engineering is providing low band antennas, bandpass filters, coaxial cables, guying materials and many other items. Many thanks to the DX Engineering team!

Planning continues to go well for the DXpedition. One of the unique aspects of the Sable DXpedition effort is the weight limits the team must meet. The team is allowed two flights to get team members, equipment, antennas, antenna mast, coaxial cables, food and personal gear to the island. One flight will be with Sable Aviation on their Britten Norman Islander twin engine aircraft. The other flight will be on the Vision Air Services Sikorsky SK-76A helicopter. The total weight allowance for the two aircraft is 2965 lbs which includes the weight of each team member. This somewhat limits what the team is allowed to carry to the island. In order to conserve weight, team members will be bringing freeze dried meals and MRE’s for the nine day DXpedition.

The team is continually fine tuning and prioritizing the gear that will be taken to the island. It’s a challenge to be able to take all that is needed and come under the weight limits.”

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