May 22, 2024

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Via Southgate: Norway: Poor attendance at NRRL AGM

Norway’s national amateur radio society NRRL report at its recent AGM there weren’t many online attendees and even fewer attended in-person

A translation of the NRRL post reads:

NRRL’s Annual General Meeting 2022, which was held both physically in Haugesund and digitally via Teams, can be said to have been a successful event where the Haugalandgruppen was an excellent host for the physical part of the general meeting. Apart from a few minor slips, and some waiting sometimes, it all went very well technically.

Despite the fact that the meeting allowed digital participation, there were relatively few digital participants and even fewer physically present in Haugesund. The physical part of the general meeting, in terms of travel expenses, hotel accommodation, meeting room hire, diet etc., costs NRRL relatively much, especially if the costs are compared to the number of people who physically attended.

In upcoming meetings, NRRL’s executive board (HQ) will discuss whether future general meetings can be held entirely digitally, or whether the meetings should continue as a combination of a physical and a digital meeting, as now in 2022. Technically, the digital part of the general meeting could well have been driven from NRRL’s office in Oslo, at very minimal costs. HQ will have to set this cost picture against the possible benefits NRRL may have as an organization by also offering physical participation during the organisation’s future general meetings.

Source NRRL

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