February 29, 2024

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Via Southgate: Wireless microphone marketer faces hefty fine

A Brooklyn, New York marketer of wireless microphones has been fined nearly $700,000 US by the US Federal Communications Commission for what the agency said is a decade-long practice of selling these devices, which are not RF-compliant. (Forfeiture Order PDF)

The FCC said that 32 microphones sold by Sound Around failed to comply with FCC requirements governing emissions power and use of the spectrum, rules that protect against harmful interference to other spectrum users.

The FCC has rejected the business’ assertion that the dollar amount of the proposed fine was too high, that a decade of warnings and notices sent by the FCC was insufficient and that photos of the company’s marketing websites did not provide proof that the item was available for purchase.

According to a press release from the FCC (PDF), the US Department of Justice will be given the case to handle if Sound Around fails to pay the fine.


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