April 17, 2024

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Via Southgate: 10 GHz QSO between Portugal and Canary Islands

On July 30 Michael CT1BYM and Cecilio EB8BRZ achieved a contact on 10 GHz from Portugal to the Canary Islands

In this translation of a post on the REP site Michael CT1BYM writes:

During the evening of July 30 a QSO was made between EB8BRZ (IL28HA) and CT1BYM (IM57PC). This was my first ever QSO done at 10GHz between EA8-CT, using tropospheric propagation, distance around 1187km. It was also a first for Cecilio, EB8BRZ.

A sectorial beacon was installed in my balcony, direction EA8, with 2W and a 10dBi horn, transmitting CW and Opera. The beacon runs 24×7, helping identifying the possible QSO window. Beacon runs at 10368.825MHz, TCXO disciplined.

The beacon signal was received at EB8BRZ at 19:34UT, so we decided to go to SSB immediately.

At Cecilio, EB8BRZ, the working conditions were a 60cm Procom prime focus dish, 2W, IC-705 for IF

Source Portugal’s national amateur radio society REP

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