March 4, 2024

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Via Southgate: Clacton Radio Club G3CRC closes down

Club meetings were forced to cease in 2019 due to pandemic but the monthly meetings resumed on Monday, April 11, 2022 at the Plough Corner Village Hall. The last meeting held was on July 11.

An announcement posted on the club’s website on July 25 says:

“I would like to thank the members that have been to the club over the last few times.

Your support was appreciated and it was nice to meet you all.

However because of the lack of enthusiasm and low attendance we have decided to close down the club, therefore there will be no more meetings.

The Clacton Radio Club is believed to date back to at least the 1940’s.

The October 1952 issue of Short Wave Magazine carried this report on the Clacton Radio Club:
“New premises have been acquired at the Queen’s Arms,Magdalen Green, and meetings are now held on alternate Fridays.
Regular Morse lessons are given and at a recent meeting the Club went on the air with a portable licence and gear supplied by G6AB.”

It seems the club folded at some point in the 1960’s but was re-formed again in 1970. A report in the October 1971 issue of Short Wave Magazine says:
“A new Hq. is the gist of the Clacton report; it seems they have a fine place with the Sea Scouts in Sadds Yard, Skelmersdale Road, which is about 100 yards from the main railway station. It is a year since they re-formed, and members now total 4l -which is pretty healthy progress.
All are asked to take particular note of the date for the AGM: October 12, at Hq., starting at 1930 promptly.”


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