February 24, 2024

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Foundations of Amateur Radio

Via Southgate: Foundations of Amateur Radio

The art of amateur radio is a globe spanning activity, held together by radio waves and the promise of a community with a shared uncommon interest. The strength of a community depends entirely on the members of that community. Without the efforts of each individual amateur, our worldwide license to experiment is doomed.

You might ask yourself what part you have to play in this?

Consider what would happen if a group of amateurs decided to transmit on an unlicensed frequency, or purposefully interfered with other legal users. It’s obvious that the regulatory response to such illegal activities would be swift and left unchecked, it would spark the end of our hobby.

What prevents that from happening is our common purpose, our common interests, our willingness to address such behaviour, or said in another way, our community standards. It’s the thing that keeps us talking, sharing, learning, experimenting and having fun along the way.

I’ve been told many times that I shouldn’t expect all amateurs to be friends, but consider for a moment the sheer diversity of our community. For starters we’re scattered around the planet. We have different cultural and political sensibilities, we have different religions and expectations. We don’t even speak the same language, even if you forget that the Japanese station you just had a QSO with was using phonetics not even close to their native language.

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