February 24, 2024

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Via Southgate: Amateur radio operators are vital unsung heroes (Ontario)

Amateur radio operators have a long and storied history across the globe and are often referred to as ‘ham’ radio operators. Defined as a ‘duly authorized person interested in radioelectric practice with a purely personal aim and without pecuniary interest (either direct or monetary or other similar reward) and differentiated from commercial broadcasting, public safety (such as police or fire), or professional two-way radio services (such as maritime, aviation and taxis or the like).’

But that strict definition belies an important truth, especially in these internet dependent times so amply demonstrated by the recent Rogers blackout. The ham radio operators are not internet dependent and function even when all other means of communication have failed. As such ham radio operators, like those members of the Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club who held their annual general meeting at Little Current’s Low Island Park this past weekend, form a volunteer backbone communication system intricately linked with local emergency services when catastrophe strikes. As such, they are the unsung heroes of disasters not yet happened.

Normally, ham radio operators are a deceptively solitary lot, often sequestered in a hidden back room in the family home, usually somewhat older (something they would very gladly ameliorate if given the chance to engage a younger crew).

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