April 12, 2024

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Via Southgate: QST now offering a column for radio clubs

ARRL invites you to be part of ‘Club Station,’ the newest column in QST. This column is a space for radio clubs to share the different ways in which they’re successful to help other clubs grow. They do this by offering advice, and practical solutions to common experiences and problems.

In each issue, a different club will share how they undertook a specific activity or project, how and why it was successful, and any challenges they may have had to overcome throughout the process. Some examples include, but aren’t limited to, successful community club projects, innovative ways to attract new members, getting youth involved with ham radio, and developing active hams.

“Clubs are the backbone of the amateur radio community,” said ARRL Field Services Manager Mike Walters, W8ZY. “If your club is doing something that will inspire other clubs, we want to hear from you!”

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