November 29, 2023

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Via Southgate: Ireland in IARU HF Championship

The Irish Radio Transmitters Society report that, apart from a temporary issue with log submission on the ARRL web-site at the conclusion of last weekend’s contest, the IARU HF Championship turned out to be a success in terms of increased participation and number of submitted logs.

Stations from Ireland included EI2HIB, EI3LC, EI5KO, EI6IKB, EI6JK, and of course EI0HQ. The IRTS headquarter call-sign was activated by Enda EI2II, Stefan EI4KU, Megan EI5LA, Christine EI5LC, Pat EI6GMB, Rafal EI6LA, Roger EI8KN, and Pat EI9HX. The EI0HQ crew coordinated their activities via a chat-channel on our web-site. Additionally, Megan and Rafal synchronised logs over the internet, effectively writing to one log from two locations. This turned out to be so successful that this method will be adopted for future operations. As can be seen on LOTW the IRTS crew logged over 37 ITU zones during 3300 QSOs, achieving a raw score of around 2.3 million points.

The well organized Polish, German and French headquarter stations put in a strong performance, there is no doubt that one of them will come out top in IARU Region-1.

Band conditions were challenging, owing to a strong flare just before the weekend coinciding with the arrival of a CME, making the lower frequencies barely usable, giving reasonable short to medium skip on 40m, good conditions on 20m, and a fickle 15m band. The various bands and modes were rotated between the operators. Roger, EI8KN stuck to 10m throughout the contest, producing an outstanding result on his favourite HF band.

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