September 23, 2023

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Via Southgate: URESAT project receives award

The Salvatore 009 Association has awarded Spain’s amateur satellite URESAT with a grant which will go towards the development costs and launch of the satellite

A translation of the URE post reads:

URESAT, the satellite project of the URE and managed by AMSAT EA in collaboration with university students, Vocational Training and with financial and technological support from companies in the space sector, has been chosen by the Salvatore 009 Association to receive the award that this organization grants annually to projects and initiatives related, generally, to art and art in sport.

Although this space project moves away from these activities, it has been the social function aspect of it, as it is an open public satellite for voice and data communications, and educational, of this activity, which has tipped the balance in its favor, and is that, URESAT and other previous projects of AMSAT EA satellites, they involve a large number of students, both from vocational training centers and universities, from different branches: aerospace, computer science, electronics, mechanical engineering, etc.

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