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This Week in Amateur Radio

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PODCAST: This Week in Amateur Radio Edition #1219

Release Date: July 9, 2022

Here is a summary of the news trending This Week in Amateur Radio. This week’s edition is anchored by Terry Saunders, N1KIN, Dave Wilson, WA2HOY, Rich Lawrence, KB2MOB, Don Hulick, K2ATJ, Fred Fitte, NF2F, Eric Zittel, KD2RJX, Will Rogers, K5WLR, George Bowen, W2XBS, and Jessica Bowen, KC2VWX.

Produced and edited by George Bowen, W2XBS.

Approximate Running Time: 2:18:20

Podcast Download: https://bit.ly/TWIAR1219

Trending headlines in this week’s bulletin service:

  1. FCC Legacy COmmission REgistration System (CORES) System to be Retired
  2. Hawaii Hurricane Emergency Communications Drill Set for July 16th, 2022
  3. ARRL Foundation Announces 2022 Scholarship Awards
  4. ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference Returns in September 2022
  5. University Of Oregon Ducks On The Air Announce Special Event Station
  6. The ARRL DX Advisory Committee Appoints John Sweeney, K9EL, As The New Central Division Representative
  7. International Amateur Radio Union Administrative Council Meets
  8. How About A Portable Transceiver That Doesn’t Need Batteries?
  9. New General Chairman Is Appointed To Head The 2023 Dayton HamVention
  10. The Indian Marconi Becomes A Silent Key / Satellite Innovator VU3GDP, Guradatta Panda Becomes A Silent Key
  11. The A-13 Advanced Class Preservation Net Is Back!
  12. Western Australia’s First HamCampTion Is Set To Go
  13. CW Operation Celebrated During The Upcoming Night of Nights
  14. Parks On The Air Operators Can Now Upload Their Own Logs
  15. QSO Todays Upcoming Virtual Ham Exposition Issues Call For Speakers and Presentations
  16. FCC Seeks Input on Status of Next Generation TV/ATSC 3.0 Transition
  17. FCC Order Will Help Keep Americans Connected When Disaster Strikes
  18. Upcoming contests, special event stations, HamFests and Conventions
  19. Field Day 2022 results so far from the ARRL

Plus these Special Features This Week:

  • Technology News and Commentary with Leo Laporte, W6TWT, will take a quick look at the history behind cell phone technology, and talk about cellular privacy.
  • Working Amateur Radio Satellites with Bruce Paige, KK5DO – AMSAT Satellite News
  • Tower Climbing and Antenna Safety w/Greg Stoddard KF9MP, talks about tower navigation, proper belting, and the sudden stop.
  • Foundations of Amateur Radio with Onno Benschop VK6FLAB, looks into “Defining A Standard On Contest Scoring.”
  • Weekly Propagation Forecast from the ARRL
  • Working Moonbouce and Amateur Radio Satellites with Paul Andrews – W2HRO – Courtesy Eric Guth 4Z1UG and QSO Today. ​
  • Bill Continelli, W2XOY – The History of Amateur Radio. Bill returns with another edition of his summer series entitled “Amateur Radio History Headlines”. And this week, takes us back to the mid 1930’s.
  • Courtesy of Eric Guth 4Z1UG and our colleagues at QSO Today, we will have an extended interview with Paul Andrews – W2HRO, who re-entered amateur radio, after a 35 year break, by working FM satellites with a Yaesu portable and a dual band antenna. Experimentation with a simple moon bounce array led to bigger and better antenna arrays, power amplifiers, low noise pre-amplifiers, higher frequencies,dish antennas, and more QSOs.

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