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via HACKADAY: Portable Ham Antenna Gets A Workout

Ham radio isn’t just one hobby. It is a bunch of hobbies ranging from chatting to building things, bouncing signals off the moon, and lots of things in between. Some of these specialties, such as supporting disaster relief or putting odd locations “on the air”, require portable operation. To encourage disaster readiness, hams participate in […]

via the ARRL: Winter Field Day 2019 is January 26 – 27

The Winter Field Day Association (WFDA) sponsors the 2019 running of Winter Field Day, January 26 – 27. WFDA says that the ability to conduct emergency communication in a winter environment is just as important as the preparation and practice that take place each summer, but with some additional unique operational concerns. “We believe that maintaining […]

PODCAST: This Week in Amateur Radio #1037 / 1038 Combined Edition

This Week in Amateur Radio Edition #1037 / #1038 Combined Edition Release Date: January 19, 2019 Here is a summary of the news trending this week. This weeks edition is anchored by George W2XBS, and Will Rogers, K5WLR, and Jessica Bowen, KC2VWX. Produced and edited by W2XBS. Running Time: 1:31:34 Download here: http://bit.ly/TWIAR1038 Trending stories […]

Ham radio operators display emergency capabilities during ‘Winter Field Day’ (Indiana)

Whether it’s winter storms, tornadoes, even fires – ‘ham radio’ operators can provide critical communication during an emergency. And later this month, local operators will practice their skills during a two-day nationwide deployment called ‘Winter Field Day.’ Warrick County ham radio operators will join with thousands of amateur radio operators nationwide, who will be showing […]