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Russian “Buzzer” Disappears, Chinese “Foghorn” Returns

The International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 (IARU-R1) Monitoring System (IARUMS) March newsletter reports that the Russian “buzzer” on 6,998.0 kHz has disappeared. For a long time the system interfered with the lower edge of the 40-meter band. In addition, a Russian F1B transmission on 7,193 kHz — believed to be emanating from Kaliningrad — […]

via the ARRL: Woodpecker Antenna Becomes Drone Obstacle Course

Veteran hams remember the infamous “Russian Woodpecker” over-the-horizon radar that wreaked havoc on the HF bands in years past. Recently, Anthony Cake, HB9EIG/G1RUL (son of Brian Cake, KF2YN, author of ARRL’s Antenna Designer’s Notebook), journeyed to one of the antenna sites in Ukraine to use it as an obstacle course for drone flying. via American […]

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