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Alliston Historical Society learns about early days of radio (Ontario)

Alliston Historical Society members were treated to a nostalgic and humorous talk from Harvey Hart. This gentleman not only was an informative speaker about the early years in radio history, but entertained us with many audio clips from well-known shows that were so popular that listeners went to great lengths not to miss a single […]

Radio is Africa’s most influential information outlet – UNESCO survey

Every February 13th is marked as World Radio Day. An international day instituted by the United Nation General Assembly, since 2011 to celebrate radio as a major form of free expression across the world. 2017’s World Radio Day is under the theme “Radio is you”, (as per) it aims to remind the world that radio […]

via HACKADAY: An Electronic 90V Anode Battery

One of the miracle technological gadgets of the 1950s and 1960s was the transistor radio. Something that can be had for a few dollars today, but which in its day represented the last word in futuristic sophistication. Of course, it’s worth remembering that portable radios were nothing new when the transistor appeared. There had been […]

via HACKADAY: Books You Should Read: Making A Transistor Radio

When a Hackaday article proclaims that its subject is a book you should read, you might imagine that we would be talking of a seminal text known only by its authors’ names. Horowitz and Hill, perhaps, or maybe Kernigan and Ritchie. The kind of book from which you learn your craft, and to which you […]

Communications — what was good, what isn’t (Pennsylvania)

Sometime in 1936, a person (or a family) likely somewhere in this area went to the local appliance store and bought a floor model Sears Roebuck, Chicago IL, Silvertone console radio. It’s a 10-tube model, the kind of radio that was the centerpiece of most Depression-era living rooms. I don’t know how many owners it […]

Set for blast-off in Abu Dhabi

The term broadcasting refers to sharing of information in the form of audio-video content to the end-user by the use of electronic mass communication medium. The GSC has its roots in the global space and satellite forum (GSSF), which has taken place in the Emirate since 2008. At its launch, the GSSF spearheaded the region’s […]

via HACKADAY: Retrotechtacular: Old Transistors

Transistors have come a long way. Like everything else electronic, they’ve become both better and cheaper. According to a recent IEEE article, a transistor cost about $8 in today’s money back in the 1960’s. Consider the Regency TR-1, the first transistor radio from TI and IDEA. In late 1954, the four-transistor device went on sale […]

FCC Proposes Fine Against WQBQ/Leesburg, FL For Public File Violations

RAMA COMMUNICATIONS has been hit with a proposed $15,000 fine and short-term license renewal by the FCC for public file violations at Oldies WQBQ-A (THE Q)/LEESBURG, FL. ROBERT E. BORIS filed a Petition to Deny the station’s license renewal for his being denied access to the station’s public file and told to return that afternoon, […]

This Week in Amateur Radio #903

Week of June 18, 2016 Download here: http://bit.ly/1W6nAcF This podcast is suitable for air on amateur radio frequencies. Here are the stories making news … This Week in Amateur Radio: FCC states that authorized equipment must comply with all laws, rules FCC transitions electronic comment filing system June 20, 2016 6m opens up during band contest […]

When everything else fails, amateur radio will still be there—and thriving

It’s a good time to be technical. Maker communities are thriving around the world, tools and materials to create and adapt are cheaper and more powerful now than ever, and open source hardware, software, and information mean that if you can think it, you can learn how to do it and then make it happen. […]

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