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via HACKADAY: One Man’s Tale Of EMC Compliance Testing

If you turn over almost any electronic device, you should find all those compliance logos: CE, FCC, UL, TÜV, and friends. They mean that the device meets required standards set by a particular region or testing organisation, and is safe for you, the consumer. Among those standards are those concerning EMC, or ElectroMagnetic Compatibility. These […]

Ulrich Rohde, N1UL, Recognized for Pioneering Work on SDR

Ulrich L. Rohde, N1UL, of Synergy Microwave Corp was invited to deliver the sixth Sir J.C. Bose Memorial Lecture at the IEEE Hyderabad Section on December 2 during a joint session of the IEEE MTT, AP, and EMC Societies in Hyderabad, India. Rohde’s talk was “Next Generation Networks: Software Defined Radio — Emerging Trends.” Click […]

via the ARRL: Solar Power Systems Often Do Not Comply with EMC Standards, VERON Says

The Netherlands national Amateur Radio society VERON has reported on spectrum pollution problems caused by residential solar panel installations. VERON maintains that electrical systems in the European Union such as solar panel installations must comply with applicable EU electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. These limit the electromagnetic fields that an electrical system — such as the […]