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via HACKADAY: Ham Radio Trips Circuit Breakers

Arc-fault circuit breakers are a boon for household electrical safety. The garden-variety home electrical fire is usually started by the heat coming from a faulty wire arcing over. But as any radio enthusiast knows, sparks also give off broadband radio noise. Arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) are special circuit breakers that listen for this noise in […]

via the ARRL: Amateur Radio Volunteers on Call during Major Puerto Rico Power Outage

Amateur Radio volunteers went on alert following an afternoon explosion on September 21 at the Aguirre Central Power Generator in Salinas that left some 1.5 million residents of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico without power. ARRL Public Information Coordinator Angel Santana, WP3GW, said that as Wednesday evening wore on, the most sought-after item was ice, […]

via HACKADAY: History of the Capacitor – The Pioneering Years

The history of capacitors starts in the pioneering days of electricity. I liken it to the pioneering days of aviation when you made your own planes out of wood and canvas and struggled to leap into the air, not understanding enough about aerodynamics to know how to stay there. Electricity had a similar period. At […]

via the ARRL: Solar Power Systems Often Do Not Comply with EMC Standards, VERON Says

The Netherlands national Amateur Radio society VERON has reported on spectrum pollution problems caused by residential solar panel installations. VERON maintains that electrical systems in the European Union such as solar panel installations must comply with applicable EU electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. These limit the electromagnetic fields that an electrical system — such as the […]

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