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via HACKADAY: The Things Network Sets 702 km Distance Record For LoRaWAN

Many of us will have at some time over the last couple of years bought a LoRaWAN module or two to evaluate the low power freely accessible wireless networking technology. Some have produced exciting and innovative projects using them while maybe the rest of us still have them on our benches as reminders of projects […]

PODCAST: This Week in Amateur Radio #906

Week of July 9, 2016 Download here: http://bit.ly/29DEBcM This podcast is suitable for air on amateur radio frequencies. Here are the stories making news … This Week in Amateur Radio: Amateur Electronic Supply (AES) closing after 59 years Art Bell, W6OBB hospitalized FCC Investigating Amateur Radio, Commercial Application Processing Glitch Juno Spacecraft that Heard Hams Say […]

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