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via HACKADAY: The components are INSIDE the circuit board

Through-hole assembly means bending leads on components and putting the leads through holes in the circuit board, then soldering them in place, and trimming the wires. That took up too much space and assembly time and labor, so the next step was surface mount, in which components are placed on top of the circuit board […]

via HACKADAY: Automatic Resistance: Resistors Controlled by the Environment

Resistors are one of the fundamental components used in electronic circuits. They do one thing: resist the flow of electrical current. There is more than one way to skin a cat, and there is more than one way for a resistor to work. In previous articles I talked about fixed value resistors as well as […]

via HACKADAY: Resistance in Motion: What You Should Know About Variable Resistors

Adjusting the volume dial on a sound system, sensing your finger position on a touch screen, and knowing when someone’s in the car are just a few examples of where you encounter variable resistors in everyday life. The ability to change resistance means the ability to interact, and that’s why variable resistance devices are found in so many […]

Unravelling the mysteries surrounding amateur radio components (UK)

A lot has been said and written about ham radio equipments over the years. However, that has not helped in demystifying the numerous misconceptions about ham radio components. The perfect and well selected DX amateur radio equipment offers more to any particular user than any of the other radio signals transmitting device within the same […]

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