via the ARRL: Hamvention Setting Space Aside to Spotlight Emergency Communication Vehicles

In keeping with its theme, “Serving the Community,” Hamvention® 2018 is offering an opportunity for Amateur Radio groups to display the communication vehicles they use to serve their communities. A special area has been set aside at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center for emergency communication trailers, vans, trucks, and other vehicles. Hamvention organizers are […]

Berkeley neighbors seek to widen grassroots emergency radio system (California)

Berkeley is more prepared than many municipalities to face a major disaster such as an earthquake or fire, but until recently there was no infrastructure by which neighborhood disaster teams could communicate with each other if the power grid and internet went down. Now, an emergency neighborhood communications system has been set up by a […]

via the ARRL: Ham Radio Bridging the Gap in Wildfire-Stricken California

More than a dozen wildfires in Northern California have damaged or destroyed cellular telephone and Internet infrastructure in some areas, and Amateur Radio has helped to fill the communication gap. Mendocino County Sheriff Thomas Allman told news media on October 10 that damage to cell towers and fiber optic telephone phone and computer lines had left officials […]

How 1 ham radio guy helped a special kids camp 180 miles away on fire (Utah)

In the age of cell phones and internet, amateur radio operators – also known as “ham operators” – are commonly looked upon as an anachronism, a throwback to earlier times. However, sometimes the old technology can be more reliable than the new high-tech gadgets and smartphones. St. George ham operator Lynden Kendrick, who is a member […]

Contra Costa: Emergency ham radio communication when standard systems down (California)

For years, Larry Loomer did what many people do when challenged to think about the Big One — the catastrophic earthquake that experts predict will happen sooner rather than later in California. He largely ignored it. Sure, he knew to check the gas line, stock water, store emergency supplies, and select a designated family meeting […]

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