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via the ARRL: Launch of Es’hail-2 with First Phase 4 Amateur Transponders Expected Later this Year


Es’hailSat, the Qatar Satellite Company, has tweeted that it’s anticipating that SpaceX will launch its geostationary Es’hail-2 satellite sometime in the 4th quarter of 2018. The commercial Qatari satellite will provide the first Amateur Radio geostationary communication and will be capable of linking amateurs from Brazil to Thailand. Es’hail-2 will carry two AMSAT-DL-designed Phase 4 Amateur Radio […]

Phase-4A Geostationary Amateur Radio Transponder Video

Es’hail 2 is a geostationary satellite which will carry two amateur radio transponders. The launch of the Es’Hail-2 satellite into a geostationary orbit is planned for the 1st quarter of 2017. The coverage area of the Narrowband (NB) and Wideband (WB) transponders should extend from Brazil to Thailand. The two “Phase 4” amateur radio non-inverting […]