via the ARRL: CW Gets the Message Through in Wake of Hurricane Irma

Any CW operator worth his or her salt will tell you that CW is the mode that gets through when all others fall short of the mark. CW certainly did the job for Chet Hogue, N3BK, who handled dozens of messages for residents of Florida’s Lower Keys in the days following Hurricane Irma in September.

“A message from a Big Pine Key man to his girlfriend, who evacuated with their young daughter and was waiting to hear how he weathered the storm, was one of about 80 sent out over the airwaves by ham radio enthusiast Chet Hogue in the days following Irma’s destruction,” reporter Katie Atkins wrote in The Keynoter in describing Hogue’s activity.

“Things here are still incredibly a mess!” Hogue told ARRL this week.

The Summerland Key charter captain, known as “Captain Chester,” weathered the storm in place. He noted that the primary frequencies handling traffic were quite busy, so he got on CW, which, he told Atkins, allowed him “to relay messages clearly.” He operated from a station at his home as well as from his boat.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources