845 Life: Newburgh teen is a real pro with amateur radio (New York)

When all communication fails, there are always amateur radio operators to step in.

Natural disasters such as hurricanes and storms can cause flooding and disable systems: But they don’t affect amateur radio.

“After Hurricane Sandy, our system was activated to help communicate emergencies throughout the region,” says Sean Flynn, 17, of the Town of Newburgh.

“We were relaying messages between organizations or taking information from the field and passing it along to emergency services.”

“Even cellphone systems rely on towers, switchboards and relays to work,” says Sean. “When those go down, cellphones stop working.”

So, is amateur radio being used in Texas and Florida to deal with the recent hurricanes?

“We aren’t part of it, but I can almost guarantee it,” he says.

“One of the great things about amateur radio is that it doesn’t rely on any infrastructure,” he says. “We can set up anywhere and transmit around the world, if needed.”


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