Array of Amateur Radio Resources Readying for Hurricane Harvey Response

Amateur Radio resources are marshaling to assist in the response to Hurricane Harvey, which is expected to make landfall along the Texas coast on Friday (August 25) as a Category 3 storm. It would be the first storm to hit the US coast in more than a decade. The Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) already has swung into action, as the storm, which bears the threat not only of high winds but extensive and life-threatening storm surge flooding. Nearly 3 feet of rain could fall, if, as predicted, Harvey stalls along the Texas shoreline. ARRL Emergency Preparedness Manager Mike Corey, KI1U, said he and his staff are keeping close watch on Hurricane Harvey.

“Any time a hurricane, particularly a major one such as Harvey, is developing, the ARRL Emergency Preparedness staff takes specific actions,” Corey said. “First, we reach out to our Field Organization for information. We are here to serve them, as they work to provide communication support during a storm response. We also work with our national partners — the National Hurricane Center (NHC), the Red Cross, The Salvation Army, FEMA, SHARES, and National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) members — to help match up potential needs they have with Amateur Radio resources in the field. We also coordinate closely with available Amateur Radio resources, such as SATERN, the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN), the VoIP Hurricane Net, and WX4NHC, the Amateur Radio station at the NHC in Miami.” The storm will be the first test for new FEMA Administrator Brock Long, only sworn in 2 months ago.

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