Many Special Events Will Be on the Air to Mark the Total Solar Eclipse in August

Radio amateurs from several states will gather in southern Illinois on August 17-21 to operate special event station W9E, leading up to and during the 2017 solar eclipse on August 21. W9E will operate from Marion, Illinois.

“This will be the first total eclipse on American soil since 1991, the first on the mainland United States since 1979 and the first to sweep across the entire country since 1918. It will be an event you do not want to miss!” the W9E announcement said. “The far southern tip of the state of Illinois is the only place viewers can see the totality of the eclipse.”

W9E plans to operate on 80, 40, and 20 meters (and perhaps other bands, if conditions permit), on CW, SSB, and digital modes (JT65, JT9, and PSK31). All amateur operators visiting the area for the eclipse are invited to visit. A copy of your license and photo ID are required to operate. Amateur Radio license testing also will be offered during the event.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources