PODCAST: This Week in Amateur Radio #959

This Week in Amateur Radio #959

Week of July 15, 2017

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Running Time: 1:12:13


Here is a summary of the news trending This Week in Amateur Radio. This is for Edition #959 with a release and air date of, July 15, 2017. This weeks edition is anchoredby, Chris Perrine, KB2FAF, Rich Lawrence, KB2MOB, Don Hewlick, K2ATJ, Will Rogers, K5WLR, Fred Fitte, NF2F, and Jessica Bowen,KB2VWX.

This weeks program was produced and edited by George Bowen, W2XBS.

Trending stories in this weeks bulletin service:

1. Group Selected to Pursue DXpedition to Baker Island National Wildlife Refuge
2. FCC Crackdown on Pirate Broadcasters Targets at Least One More Amateur Licensee
3. WRTC 2018 Teams Prep for the Big Event in Europe
4. Amateur Radio Parity Act is Introduced in US Senate
5. Amateur Radio Volunteers Support Michigan’s One Helluva Ride Bicycle Tour
6. Band Plan Proposed for Eventual 472-479 kHz Use
7. WWV 25 MHz Signal Swapped to Circular Polarization, Reception Reports Invited
8. K2BSA will be On the Air during National Scout Jamboree
9. BIRDS-1 CubeSat Array Deployed from ISS, Carry Amateur Radio Payloads
10. ARISS to Celebrate 20th Anniversary with SSTV Event
11. Amateur Radio Volunteers in British Columbia Reported Assisting Relief Agencies
12. Radio Is The Only Source of News in Blocked Countries
13. Group selected to persue DXpedition to Baker Island National Wildlife Refuge
14. Band Plan proposed for eventual 472-479kHz use
15. Canada C3 expedition award now available for hams and swl’s
16. ‘Observe’ August 21 eclipse with your AM radio

Plus these Special Features This Week:

Technology News and Commentary with Leo Laporte, W6TWT,
Working Amateur Radio Satellites with Bruce Paige, KK5DO
Foundations of Amateur Radio with Onno Benschop VK6FLAB
The Ancient Amateur Archives with Bill Continelli, W2XOY


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