Volunteers help make Assault on Mount Mitchell successful (South Carolina)

The Assault on Mount Mitchell would spin out of control without the 200 to 300 volunteers it takes to man this 102.7-mile annual odyssey from Spartanburg up to the tallest peak east of the Mississippi River.

“The logistics are mind-boggling,” Roger Habisreutinger said. He has been driving a truck loaded with these “fine-tuned, lightweight racing bikes” down the mountain after the ride for as long as he can remember. “It’s always great. I love doing it. I’m pushing 76, and I hope I can do it until I die.”

Katie Jordan and Briana Carr, ride organizers at Flourish Events, rely on this gung-ho volunteer spirit. They need folks to work the 10 rest stops along the route. They need trucks to supply the rest stops. They need truck drivers to bring the bikes down the mountain. They need bus drivers to bring the riders down the mountain. They need crews to make sure these bikes, which can cost $20,000, are securely strapped in for delivery down the mountain.

They even need ham radio operators to monitor events along the route because no reliable cell-phone reception is available on Mount Mitchell.

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