Talks on Possible 4U1UN Reactivation Continue

United Nations Headquarters Amateur Radio club station 4U1UN representatives are still in talks with the UN Department of Public Information with an eye toward permanently reactivating the station. Although within the geographical confines of New York City, 4U1UN qualifies as a separate DXCC entity.

“Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity to plead our case to the new administration as well. Keep your fingers crossed,” said a post this week on the club’s Facebook page. “4U1UN might be back on the air soon!”

Earlier in March, the club alerted its Facebook page visitors to reports that a pirate identifying as 4U1UN was operating on RTTY. The station was on the air for real in 2015. To commemorate the UN’s 70th anniversary that fall, 4U1UN operated as 4U70UN from a station set up at a ground-level garden area within the UN Headquarters complex.

via American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association and Resources