Xenia Community Schools to close for Hamvention

Citing an educational opportunity to its students, the Board of Education for Xenia Community Schools in Ohio is welcoming the opportunity to host Hamvention by cancelling classes on Friday May 19th.

In a post on their web site, they are encouraging students and teachers to “take advantage of all the sessions associated with this program”.

The transcript of the announcement is as follows:

Xenia will welcome Hamvention to our community for the first time ever this year. Hamvention will be taking place May 19-21. Since this is the first year of Xenia hosting it, we want our students to have the opportunity to take advantage of all of the sessions associated with this program. We also anticipate a large number of people from outside the city coming to Xenia for the convention. Thus, the Board of Education has decided to cancel school on Friday, May 19th. Teachers will be involved in professional development programs on this day. We are excited about what Hamvention can mean to our city. Additional information will come regarding student tickets to the convention and any other opportunities that may be available.