June 14, 2021

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Via the WIA: New Special Event Callsigns VI110WIA and VK20HOME Now On Air.

Two new WIA Special Event Callsigns VI110WIA and VK20HOME have recently been granted by the ACMA for use on the amateur bands.

VI110WIA is for activation in commemoration and celebrating the WIA’s 110 Years of operation, first established 11th March in 1910, it is still the oldest Amateur Radio Society in the world.

Commencing June 1st and ceasing December 31st 2020, VI110WIA will be available for use by WIA affiliated clubs and all WIA members. For more information on the history of the WIA and the previous 100 year centenary celebration information see the WIA website via this Link

VK20HOME has been issued for use until at least December 31st 2020 and its activation on air adds to the many other countries now participating in the “STAYHOME” activities due to the Covid-19 restrictions, which in some countries are finally being eased. The WIA applied for the VK20HOME callsign after an official request from Martti Lane OH2BH who asked if the WIA would like to participate in the global stay home event endorsed by the IARU.

Read more – Wireless Institute of Australia: https://bit.ly/2B1Yauw