Amateur radio buffs participate in Russian international contest

Qatar Amateur Radio Society (QARS) participated in the 27th edition of the Russian International Amateur Radio Competition (RDXC-2020), organised by the Russian Amateur Radio Union to allow all radio amateurs in the world to participate in the competition.

Mass participation at the association’s headquarters was replaced in this year’s competition with the sole participation of Qatari radio amateurs stations, each from their home, provided that participation from the association’s headquarters is limited to only one participant who co-ordinates with the rest from their homes to work as one team representing QARS in this international competition.

In preparation for this competition, the QARC prepared a special station at the association’s headquarters, allowing participation in several sub-competition categories that range from one operator category with low transmission capacity (100 watts) to one operator category for all bands with a transmission power (5 watts) to several operators with a low transmission capacity as well as a group of several operators for all bands, the association participated in the international call sign of the Qatar Wireless Amateur Association (A73A).

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