Via the ARRL: Ham Radio Clubs Connect Amid Social Distancing

As college campuses have sent students home to finish their classes online, members of the K7UAZ Amateur Radio Club in Tucson — a student organization at the University of Arizona — have moved their radio club meetings to, well, the radio. K7UAZ Station Manager Curt Laumann, K7ZOO, said that when the university largely shuttered its campus, club president Ken Gourley, KM6BKU, immediately transitioned regular meetings to an on-the-air format using the university repeater. The club already was holding a weekly net on Monday nights, but the added on-air club meetings offer another opportunity to get on the radio.

In recent months, in-person K7UAZ club meetings have hosted presentations on such topics as EME (Earth-moon-Earth) communication and an AMSAT CubeSat simulation. As meetings move on the air, Gourley explained, he will send out a copy of meeting presentation slides so members can follow along. “I will lead the net and start with check-ins,” he said. “We will work our way through the slides, discussing previous events, upcoming activities, the treasurer’s report, projects, etc. I will take new check-ins every 5 – 10 minutes. We will conclude with officer comments and general comments. Hopefully it won’t take more than 30 – 45 minutes.”

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