Via the ARRL: CubeSats Set for Deployment from the ISS

Several CubeSats are scheduled to be deployed from the ISS on February 12, including Phoenix, a 3U CubeSat developed by Arizona State University (ASU) to study the effects of urban heat islands through remote infrared sensing. The ASU operations team would appreciate help from the amateur satellite community with identifying the spacecraft and verifying that it is operational following its deployment at 0830 UTC.

Two CubeSats being deployed on February 12 — Phoenix and QARMAN — share the frequency of 437.35 MHz and utilize an AX.25 9,600-baud protocol with GMSK modulation. Because both CubeSats will be deployed within an hour and a half of each other, they will be close to each other in orbit. More information is available on the Phoenix website. — Thanks to Phoenix Project Manager Sarah Rogers, KI7OOY

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