via the RSGB: WRC-19 Day-11+12: Week-3 and Next Steps

Week-3 should be where even the harder items are heading towards solutions. Conveniently, a CEPT status table offers a great overview, but shows that many items are running behind schedule, or being escalated to higher levels as their lower-level drafting groups close.

50 MHz: One of the few clearer signs of progress has been on AI-1.1 for 50 MHz. The basic shape of the compromise solution has remained stable despite ongoing variations to footnotes. It cleared Working Group level (WG4C) on Monday and a key step of Committee 4 (COM4) on Tuesday, though with a few more footnote amendments. Its completion in the lower levels is a tribute to numerous sessions skillfully chaired by Dales Hughes VK1DSH; and a collaborative spirit by a widely varying set of parties. Regarding ‘Next Steps’, it is now being readied by the central editorial committee, for the first of two final(?) plenary sessions.