via the RSGB: WRC-19 Day-9+10: Halfway there?

Thursday and Friday saw the halfway point reached at WRC-19 but this has led to some agenda items being continued into the weekend ahead of key deadlines on Monday.

Satellites: One example, so far not mentioned, is a solution for Agenda Item 1.7 for tele-command spectrum for short duration small satellites (cubesats etc). A solution for this item should protect the amateur satellite service from being ‘mis-used’ by what are increasingly commercial applications. It is focusing on a 137MHz (down)/ 149MHz (up) option. However reaching agreement is proving really hard work with over a dozen drafting group sessions so far; and weekend overtime in use.

Meanwhile the amateur satellite service itself has also had to work to prevent the abrogation (deletion) of ITU-R Resolution 642 regarding its filing process. This dates back many years and had been barely used (as opposed to alternate routes), thus leading to it being proposed for the chopping block. IARU specialists successfully lobbied for ‘No Change’ now that processes have improved and increasing amateur satellite demand needs such flexibility and recognition.

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